Success is achieved by ordinary people with extra ordinary determination.
- Zig Ziegler

I am Hunter Justice – Class of 2024. I concurrently attend Davidson Day School and Stanford Online High School. I am a hardworking, dedicated, and all-around student athlete.

Thank you for coming to my website as I pursue my dream of playing collegiate golf.

About Hunter Justice

I am not just a dedicated golfer. I do not just work hard on my swing, course management, and mental game. I take the hard-working mindset from my golf game and apply it to every aspect of my life. I work hard in school, my community, my family, and in helping others who are less fortunate. The happiness in my life comes from working hard and helping others, and a birdie always helps too!


Determination . Persistence . Drive

Determination, persistence, drive … these three words define the essence of my life and who I am. I am 16 years old and live in Cornelius, NC. As a young athlete focused on both my sport, my academics and giving back to my community, I hold myself to the highest standards, my own. In golf, I’ve learned so many lessons, but most of all, it is to hang in there, give it your all, and continue to move forward even when it feels like you can’t go on. It is one of the most challenging emotional sports and, as such, I’ve had to focus on understanding my Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and self regulation under pressure and in everyday life. I realize that my focus on this is a gift that will continue to keep giving for the rest of my life.

“Hunter Justice is a one of a kind young man. He is motivated, respectful, extremely mature, and a very good junior golfer. His ability to engage with people is outstanding and he would be a great fit for any college golf team. If you’re looking for more than just a golfer, Hunter Justice would be a great addition to any team and university. He is very seasoned in working with others and is always looking for ways to improve as an individual. Naturally, Hunter’s character brings out the best in those around him and any college golf team would benefit greatly from his presence.”

Matt Ryan
Professional Golfer, Korn Ferry Tour



As much as golf means to me, my academics are the highest priority. I have been attending Davidson Day School, in Davidson North Carolina, since I was 3 years old. It is a small private school that has given me the opportunity to work 1:1 with the teachers while I continue to pursue my dream of collegiate golf. At DDS, I recently finished my sophomore year, taking 2 AP courses (scored 4 on both), with an unweighted GPA of 4.00 (4.64 weighted). I am founded the Council for Positive Social Change and Philosophy Club, while also being a member of the Community Service Club. I am currently the Co-President of my school’s prestigious Diversity Council. As a rising freshman, I decided to also join Stanford Online High school to elevate my academics. Stanford OHS uses courses offered at Stanford University to prepare high school students for a rigorous college academic environment. These classes meet in the afternoons and nights during the week, with much out-of-class work to go with. This past year I took Living in a Multicultural Society and the Leadership Course Series, allowing me to interact and learn from many successful businesspeople. This year I will be taking Legal Studies: Constitutional Law. I also served as the Board Chair of Operations for the How to Start a Business Club. The courses I am taking at both DDS and Stanford OHS have pushed my academic intellect to new levels.

Academic Information

Brick and Mortar High School: Davidson Day School
Address: 750 Jetton St, Davidson, NC 28036 (704-237-5200)
Principal: Pete Moore
Current Grade: Junior (11th Grade)
Graduation Date: May 2024
10th Grade Unweighted GPA: 4.00
10th Grade Weighted GPA: 4.64
AP Course Results: AP Computer Science (4) + AP Statistics (4)
Current Classes: 4 AP Classes, along with 3 Honors Classes

High School: Stanford Online High School
Years attended: 2 (2020-2022 Academic Years)
Completed Classes: Textual Analysis And Argumentation (Dr. Kathleen Washburn – + Leadership Course (Dr. Jan Keating – + Living in a Multicultural Society (Dr. Laura Méndez-Ortiz –
Current Class/Teacher: Legal Studies – Constitutional Law (Writing Option) (Kristina Zarlengo –
Class Average: “A” for all classes

“I enjoy working with Hunter as he has a true passion for learning and improving. He asks insightful questions and works very hard to understand the material and how to best apply it to become a better player. His attitude and approach to the game make him an ideal student and teammate.”

Lou Stagner, Decade Golf

Community Projects

While most of my time is spent on my school work and golf, I do find as many opportunities as I can to focus on giving back to the community. I am passionate about creating opportunities for other young adults. As a young bi-racial man, I have a keen interest in diversity and supporting all minority demographic groups. My family and friends are my rock and I appreciate all they have taught me as well as supported me in. I wanted to highlight some of my more interesting extracurricular projects or opportunities that I have contributed to.

Birdies For Better Project (June 2022-Present)

Birdies For Better Project

My Birdies For Better Project aims to help the homeless community in my area. Since I was 6 years old, my dad and I have been volunteering every winter season with the homeless non-profit called “Room At The Inn”, where food, shelter, and simple supplies are provided. I wanted to combine both my passion for golf and helping those who are less fortunate into one project. For every birdie I make in a competitive round, my donors have pledged $5 each to me. ALL of this money will be used to purchase supplies to create small zip-lock bags with hygienic products such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and wash wipes. Creating these bags has been a job of mine in the past while volunteering at Room At The Inn, which I noticed was extremely appreciated by those who are less fortunate. I am now continuing this job on my own by hand-delivering these bags to the homeless community in my area. The grace and gratitude of the recipients of these bags has been unmatched. I have never been more proud of any personal golf-related accomplishment.

Golf Para Todos Peru (May 2020-Dec 2021)

Golf Para Todos Peru Project

I worked alongside Peruvian professional golfer Joaquin Lolas to gather sets of junior golf clubs from my home course and send them to underprivileged junior golfers in Peru. Joaquin also gathered some sets from his club in Jupiter, Florida. We worked alongside the Peru Golf Federation and their “Golf Para Todos” Academy to provide clubs for these kids, aged 5-18. Even with many Covid-19 restrictions in Peru, the clubs eventually made it to the community of San Bartolo, allowing the kids to learn the game and compete in tournaments.

  • Worked alongside Peruvian professional golfer Joaquin Lolas
  • Project Started June 2020-Finished December 2021
  • Website Link

“I’m really impressed by Hunter’s attitude, work ethic, and overall mental toughness. Sometimes it’s hard to grasp he’s still a junior golfer. Off the course, he was a huge part of our “Grow The Game” initiative. Hunter put together 20 sets of used clubs and raised over $1000 to grow the game of golf in underprivileged communities in Peru.”

– Joaquin Lolas

ENGin Program (Aug 2021-Present)

ENGin Program

ENGin is a non-profit organization that pairs Ukrainian students with English-speaking peers. I tutor my students in English to achieve a cross-cultural connection, and to help them communicate like a native English speaker!


For all of Hunter’s recent tournaments and results (under section titled “schedule”), please click here


Current Rankings:
As of June 2022

Junior Golf Scoreboard: 2104
AJGA ranking: 1633

Personal Information

Age: 16 (CO 2024)
Home: Cornelius, NC
Personal Phone Number: 704-818-6645
Height: 6’0
Weight: 162lbs
Hunter’s LinkedInClick Here
Hunter’s National Scouting Report (NSR) ProfileClick Here

Athletic Information

Home Golf Course: The Peninsula Club
Head Pro: Andy Heiberger (704-439-2924)
Official GHIN Handicap: +1.3
My Coach: David Ross (704-458-7786)

Golf EQ

I was featured in the Mental Game Book – Golf EQ

“Ever since I have known Hunter Justice, he has had a huge passion for playing the game of golf. Now as a bright collegiate prospect, his passion has grown into stellar performances in local, state, national and international tournaments. Hunter has always had a work ethic that is extremely admirable, always having a plan during practice sessions and always willing to stay longer than expected to work on areas that needed more practice. It has truly been an honor for me to coach Hunter Justice throughout the years and I know he will be a huge asset to any college he attends.”

– Linda Mescan Campbell, PGA, LPGA, Master U.S. Kids Coach


School Golf Achievements

2020-2021 Academic Year

  • 2A All-State Honors
  • Ranked 7th in State (2A)
  • Foothills Athletic All-Conference Team
  • 2nd Place in FAAConference Championship
  • DDS School Golf Record Low Score of 33 3/24/21
  • Year Differential: 2.68


  • Played on Varsity school team since 7th grade

Non-School Golf Achievements


  • NJGA Super Bowl Junior Championship at Bermuda Run (West) (Feb 6)
    • Score: 75
      Result: 1st place in 14-15 (4th Overall)
  • HJGT Skybrooke Junior Open at Skybrooke GC (April 17-18)
    • Score: 78-78
      Result: 1st in 14-15; 6th overall
  • NJGA Hickory Junior Classic at Rock Barn CC (Tom Jackson Course) (May 29-30)
    • Score: 72-73
      Result: 1st in 14-15; 4th overall
  • AJGA Matthew NeSmith Junior Championship Championship at Forest Lake Club (August 3-5)
    • Score: 75-77-75
      Result: T24 Overall
  • 14/15 NJGA National Championship at True Blue GC (Sept 4-6) – score: 71-72-74
    • Score: 72-73 (par 71)
      Result: 1st in 14-15; 4th overall
  • HJGT Faldo-Series Regional Qualifier at Lonnie Poole GC in Raleigh NC (Sept 18-19)
    • Score: 84-72
      Result: T3; Qualified into Grand-Final tournament

September, 2021

  • NJGA 14/15 National Champion
  • NJGA 2021 Player of the Year

“Hunter is committed to excellence in all aspects of his life and he has never been content to ride on his natural abilities. Hunter works diligently everyday to become a more competitive student athlete.”

Mike Thomas (school head coach)
Davidson Day School

Contact Info

Email: or
Hunter’s parents phone number: 704-564-3341 (Dad) + 704-258-8696 (Mom)
Hunter’s parents emails: +

Hunter’s NSR Scout, Ollie Schniederjans Sr, contact: or 678-362-4460

Hunter’s school golf coach, Mike Thomas, phone number: 704-430-7062